Video Creation Tips and Tools for Your Home Business

Video has become the next big thing to help you enhance your website or blog, and market your business. Initially, creating video required expensive equipment and tools, and the courage to stand in front of the camera. However, today there are many low-cost even free tools that can help you create video for your home business.

Before we get to the tools, here are some tips to remember when doing video:

1) Don’t worry if your video isn’t professional grade. That doesn’t mean you can slap anything together, but many great videos don’t have fancy lighting, overlays and other features of professional videos.

2) Don’t wing it. Rambling is boring and makes your video longer than it needs to be. Have a bullet list of key items you want to cover and stick to them.

3) Be authentic and engaging. While you should have a plan for what you say in your video, your presentation should be natural and appear spontaneous.

4) Provide value. Create videos that teach, inspire or entertain.

5) You don’t have to be front and center. If you’re nervous about being in front of the camera, use other options, such as screen capture,  slides, graphics or animation instead.

While more and more people wish to work from home. Many aren’t ready to turn their hobbies into successful work as home gigs. But the younger generation – even kids as young as 8 have mastered technologies like Youtube or blogging to earn money without having to leave the house.

So if you are ready to start now, then check out these great tools for creating video for your very own home business.

Taking Video


The easiest and fastest way to take video is to use your smartphone. Both iPhone and android phones offer video capture. You can get free and paid apps to edit

your video on the phone and upload to social media, YouTube or other options.

Screen Capture

If you’re doing tutorials and how-tos, you can use screen capture video such as Snaggit, Camtasia. You can capture screen images and add audio instruction through the software. When you’re done, you can use the software to edit the video if needed.

PowerPoint/Slide Presentations

You can turn your Powerpoint and slide presentations into video with narration. Microsoft offers a tutorial on how to save PowerPoint 2010 as a Windows Media File (.wmv). You can also upload slides as photos to YouTube and create the video within YouTube.

Tools for Video

Animoto: For easy video creation, Animoto offers a cloud-based service that can create videos from your photos, video clips, slides and music. It offers a free lite version and professional paid version for as low as $5.00 per month. One of the best features is the ability to create videos on your mobile device, as well as from your computer.

Avidemux: For a free and easy to use video tool, try Avidemux. It converts and encodes video, and allows you to clip and add variety of filters.

GoAnimate: If you don’t want to appear in your videos, you can use animation instead. GoAnimate’s  video maker helps you do that easily. Choose a theme, characters, actions, backgrounds, props and even whiteboard animation to make your video. GoAnimate offers several pricing packages to fit your home business video needs.

PowToon: This is another video animation tool that is easy to use and affordable, with free, pro and business editions to meet your needs. You can even share your PowToon video on social media directly from the PowToon interface.

VideoMakerFX: What’s exciting about VideoMakerFX is that it’s not only easy and helps make videos like the pros, but it’s affordable, with one low payment instead of a monthly fee. The software comes with tons of templates, animation, and even whiteboards that are so popular right now. It also provides handful of royalty-free music and graphics or you can upload your own.

YouTube Editor: If you have video clips and/or photos already, but don’t have an editor, YouTube offers a video editor where you can upload, add transitions, music and text and then publish your video from within your YouTube account. And it’s free.

Wideo: This tool allows you to add your own photos and music along with the backgrounds, objects and sounds it provides to create animated video. It has a lite free version and two paid versions for longer videos and more features.

Don’t forget that your computer comes with basic video editing as well. Microsoft offers Window Movie Maker and on Apple you can use iMovie.

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