Collect Revenue Anywhere with a Mobile Credit Card Reader

As a business owner, it is important to be able to collect revenue anytime, anywhere and with a reliable device. This is why ecommerce  has taken on such a prominent role in the economy of businesses.  It truly provides a means for businesses small and large to be able to do business with their customers “virtually” and online and enables such significant options such as being able to accept credit card payments online.

As computing technology has evolved and has become increasingly more mobile, so has the ability to collect revenue from customers. This parallel transformation has helped businesses to be able to collect revenue anytime, anywhere with the advent of several new devices and applications that drive them.

Depending on the size of the business, the good old, slow and steady model of generating an invoice and waiting for a check or purchase order to arrive is still the status quo at many large businesses.  And the complexity of large businesses often entails a distributor, or other middle person that could be the collecting entity. However, many larger businesses were quick to adopt the use of online payments via credit cards as a means to streamline the process and to use ecommerce venues such as a company website or other online way to collect owed revenues sooner.

In smaller, or brick and mortar retail businesses, the Point of Sale (POS) hardware drives the collection of revenues and is the electronic version of a cash register.  Because a POS is connected to the internet, a retailer is able to use it to charge for goods sold by using credit cards such as MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Discover.

Now, neither the size of the business nor the type of business (i.e. brick and mortar versus virtual) matters when the two types of revenue collection become in effect merged to create a portable, mobile card scanner that can collect customer payments anywhere.  For large businesses, this could mean the ability to sell at tradeshows and other selling events.  For smaller businesses, and especially virtual businesses, this could mean that the purchase of a potentially expensive POS system may be all together avoided. A card scanner that attaches to a mobile computing device can replace all of these types of technologies and liberate the business owner to go anywhere with the ability to charge for goods sold!

As expected, these mobile credit card readers rely on apps as their drivers.  Here is a summary of some of the best Android mobile card readers.

If you’ve been to a tradeshow and wished you had a mobile device to allow reliable sales of your business products and services, then this problem could be solved with the ease of implementation, simplicity of use and low cost alternative of a mobile credit card reader.

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