An Introduction to a Wireless Printer

A wireless printer is a computing peripheral that is connected to a wireless local area network, known as a WLAN. One of the major advantages of purchasing and using a wireless printer in an office setting is that it allows the staff to share a single resource, as long as all of the users are connected to the wireless local area network.  This type of sharing can be a major cost saving opportunity.

In order to take advantage of all of the features and functions that a wireless printer can offer, it is imperative that all staff intending to use the printer can communicate with it through a wireless, not wired connection.

Much like a multifunction printer, a wireless printer allows you to do all of the following from a computing device:

  • Print a document
  • Print a picture
  • Scan a document or image  
  • Send and receive a fax

A major advantage, therefore, of using a wireless printer is that unlike a multifunction printer which is either directly connected to a computer and cannot be shared by others, or, if sharing is possible, is required to be connected via cords and cables in order to access it.

Another advantage of using a wireless multifunction printer is that it enables mobile printing.  Staff that use Tablets, Laptops and Smartphones  and Phablets

 are able to print from this same device without the need for cabled connectivity.  There are many types of apps that allow Smartphones to use a wireless printer.

A major difference between a wired printer and a wireless printer is security.  When a printer is cabled to the computing devices that are printing from it, the information is secured through the local area network that typically allows access with permissions only. When a printing device is connected wirelessly to computing devices, special care and attention is required to ensure that the information is safe.  Safety of the information that is exchanged between the computing device and the printer requires data encryption.

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